Inishbofin Yoga 2018

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Tuesday 26th June at 4pm till 12 noon Sunday 1st July

Three very special senior teachers, join Christine to make a unique yoga event on the stunning Island of Inishbofin this summer.

This will be the fourth year we have had this wonderful event on Inishbofin, with Benita Wolfe Galvan, Jaye Martin and Jack Harrison, in the Murray’s Doonmore Hotel.


We will have ten workshops 2 and 2 1/2 hours of fun, deep yoga and pranayama. These senior teachers seamlessly weave together very special classes for us all to enjoy. They are all certified senior Anusara yoga teachers, with Jack and Benita recently working on a new project, The Celtic School of Yoga. Jaye and Jack are experienced musicians they regularly play during savasana (relaxation), and during our very special night of music on Saturday.

boffin1We will have organised trips and walks and maybe if the weather allows some outdoor yoga. All three teachers will lead you into a practice you never thought possible, all held in the beauty and magic of the mythical island of Inishbofin. Any or all the workshops can be done, please book early and sort out your accommodation as soon as possible

Workshop Fees

  • €350 for 10 workshops
  • €320 for 9 workshops €320 for 8 workshops
  • €294 for 7 workshops €264 for 6 workshops
  • €230 for 5 workshops €192 for 4 workshops €150 for 3 workshops
  • €100 for 2 workshops
  • €50 for 1 workshop


*There is an early bird available only until the 31st December 2017, €300 for all 10 workshops, there will be a strict watershed, unfortunately we can’t bring that price forward, and this price will increase to the above in the new year.  Individually priced €50 and all workshops after the 31st of May 2017.

Meet The Teachers // Daily Schedule // Accommodation // Bookings // Terms and Conditions