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Hatha Yoga helps to flex, lengthen and strengthen your muscles and your mind as well as alleviating stress and leaving you more relaxed.

Regular practice of yoga enables you to live your life to the full; it works on lots of different levels of our being. Physically, yoga strengthens both body and mind by developing greater flexibility and balance; it can give relief from numerous common ailments by loosening stress in the body and using parts of the body we might not have used for years. Psychologically, yoga sharpens the intellect, aids concentration and steadies the emotions. Beyond that, Yoga allows self-awareness and the ability to be still, which gives rise to inner peace.

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Christine is a wonderful teacher who brings a huge depth of knowledge and wisdom to her classes. Her serenity, sincerity and compassion ensures that every person in her class feels valued and welcome as they explore and experience asana in a safe and special environment.

Christine's offering to the yoga student is consistent, quality teaching day after day, year after year.

Christine Stewart teaches and practices yoga with an uncommon authenticity and integrity. It has been my privilege to be both taught by her and to attend her amazing retreat that she hosts on Inishbofin every year.

I have never done yoga properly until this weekend on Inishbofin. Christine was so good and made it such a lovely experience. Learn a lot about yoga, will look into doing more classes and come back next year.

Christine has the most calming energy which you feel as soon as you step foot (or log on) to one of her pregnancy yoga sessions.

In her yoga sessions there is so much focus on being upheld, supported & embracing your inner strength as you prepare for birth.

Christine has a very individual approach within her group sessions.  Christine listens to each participant & understands the challenges that each mother to be may be experiencing (achy back, nauseasness, poor sleep, etc) & tailors the class to support the various issues that arise.

My favourite part of the yoga session is the Savasana; the time out & rest which always helped me with a deeper night's sleep.

When I found out that Christine was a hypnobirthing instructor, I booked her straight away.  I had been going to Christines yoga classes for a couple of years & always loved her calming energy.

I had a lot fears around birth (as most pregnant women do), and the added worries around hospital restrictions didnt help.

Christine's powerful hypnobirthing scripts were so soothing. They made me feel calm & peaceful.

She also helped me feel really empowered as I made informed decisions about birth.

Throughout birth I practiced the breathing techniques that Christine taught me and they helped so much.

I'd highly recommend Christines pregnancy yoga class and Hypnobirthing sessions to any mothers to be!

Thanks so much for all your support Christine.