prenatal yoga

I just can’t recommend both Yoga and Hypnobirthing enough.

Whilst keeping up exercise is important, walking and swimming are both wonderful too, during pregnancy yoga benefits the prenatal body in lots of other ways, allowing the mother to relax, to feel spacious and focus on her changing body, self-care and breath

Carrying a baby can put stress on the body and mind, it changes your outlook and periphery, effecting both balance and posture and maybe even the sense of who you are in the world. With additional weight from your growing baby, placenta, water retention, extra blood, your changing body, and your hormones can make you feel all over the place. Causing you to get tired and anxious which is why it is so important to practice and move in a safe, constructive and mindful way.

Connecting to the breath is not only useful in labour, but also helps by creating space as your baby grows while enabling a sense of relaxation, space and control.

I also teach KGHynobirthing which is a wonderful tool to have at your disposal. It opens up a whole new world of knowledge on birth, your body and your options. So, you can cope and self-support with wisdom and confidence, enabling trust in your own intuition and your ability no matter what you are faced with.  Let’s face it birth is a big deal, its life changing literally so the more knowledge you have the more prepared you will be.

I presently teaching an online format, one to ones and will be holding group trainings during the year.

Please contact me here or phone me to find out when trainings start or to enquire about online, one to ones and group courses.

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